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A New Week

So it’s Monday morning as I write this. Was very busy and therefore, slack, in the weekend. I guess it will take a while for these posts to become regular as I’m new to this!

This week I wish to set in concrete, once again, my goals. I wish to

  • only eat when hungry (not out of boredom, or stress)
  • make healthier choices (not succumb to temptation at work etc)

So far, so good, however it is only 9.24am!

Tina referred last week to an earlier post she did about how to avoid office temptations which I have been thinking about today.


One of the things I have found powerful in avoiding temptations is to know that the food is always going to be there. If I ever want chocolate again, I can have it. It’s not running away! I just can choose to make the healthier decision now, and not have it. This tip works for me because I find my unhealthy food choices are always in line with my impulsive nature. I have applied this to my sometimes impulsive shopping habits too –the stuff I sometimes think I want will always be there. I just need to breath, take some time, and then 9/10 times realise, I didn’t really want it anyway!

Other tips I have found helpful:

  • Just have one thing and work it into my calories
  • Take a moment to think about my weight loss goal and where I’m aiming to be
  • If I do “give in”, know that like a car with a flat tyre, just because I’ve had more than I planned for/given up, I don’t need to write myself off, and let completely loose. If you have a flat tyre, you fix the tyre, not continue until you take out all the car’s tyres! Thanks to Jillian Michaels for this analogy!
  • Know that sometimes it’s okay just to let loose. Don’t beat yourself up if you do so. Just make sure afterwards you bring yourself back to thinking about your goals etc.

What tips/tools have you used to avoid temptations?

Enjoy your day!