Girltweetseats into the Big Wide World of Blogging…

Hi Everyone

Whilst I wasn’t going to start a blog until I had reached my weight loss goal, I’m constantly coming up with ideas for blog posts, and feel I have lots to share along the way of my weight loss journey.

Currently, I’m “tweeting” what I’m eating on twitter. This has been enormously helpful and I LOVE connecting with others on weight loss journeys, and other health and fitness bloggers. They are all a constant source of inspiration to me, and I want to be apart of that also. Plus earlier this year I finished my six year career at University, and miss writing (geeky, I know!).

So I guess I should introduce myself. I’m a newly turned 24 year old female called Kate from New Zealand. I finished my Master’s this year in Organisational Psychology. Late 2007 I was near my goal weight. I have always been a healthy eater and exerciser, however I found the further I got into my Master’s career, the more I would get stressed, and start mindlessly overeating. I went away to Australia over New Year (2008-2009) and really let loose. Like really let loose! It was my one break from my Masters, and I decided to join all the festivities of the New Year, including fast food (which I don’t even really enjoy!), boozy nights out, and just all together over indulgence. Plus, even though we were walking a lot, it was so hot, so all in all it was a relatively sedentary holiday.

I came back from this holiday with a Master’s Thesis to finish (on the Relationship Between Health in the Workplace, and Stress, Job Satisfaction and Health Levels –ironic!). At this stage I put my health on the back burner to get my thesis handed in, which I did and achieved an A grade which I was very pleased with.

Throughout this time whilst I was at my heaviest, I wasn’t gaining. I started my first full time job (where I’m still currently working), and continued to plateau. I can relate a lot to Meghann in that once I started work, I had another whole set of issues to deal with, including office freebie food, and sitting at a desk all day. During my last seven months at work, I have only lost approximately 4 kilos (just under 10 pounds). While I’m glad I haven’t gained, I’m 175 cm (5’9) and want to be at least 20 kgs lighter (40 pounds). I’m lucky in that I hold more weight on my lower half (lucky?!!) which means I’m smaller in my upper body, so I don’t appear to be as large as I sometimes feel.

I finally feel that everything is starting to click into place and my weight loss is happening. Tweeting and having this blog is just serving as another reminder of the journey I am on.

Currently I’m eating approximately 1500 calories a day. As recommended by Jillian Michaels (my hero!), I mix this up during the week by having 1300 days, and 1700 days to fit around the 1500 average, and letting myself enjoy a wine or two in the weekend.

I have learnt lots of tips over all my years of health and fitness fascination and weight loss, so I have lots to share, and remind myself of! My biggest problem currently is eating 100-200 over my calorie limit. I feel this is the reason some weeks I’m on a plateau and not loosing the amount of weight I wish to. A big reason for this is mindless eating –for me eating when stressed, and or bored. I have done lots of research into reasons why I do this, and tips to condition myself not too, and while I’m a work in progress, I can’t wait to share what I’ve learnt with you all.

Wow, what a big introduction. There’s probably lots I’m missing out, but that’s enough for now,

Until later

Kate X