Gone for so long…

So I haven’t blogged for a long long time…

The main reason for this is laziness, however I have had a lot going on. Over the past few months I have been reassessing my career goals etc, and recently I applied for a job in another CITY, and just over two weeks, I got it.

Which means I start tomorrow, and I flew up yesterday, which is nerve-racking but exciting. I don’t have a car here either, and I never fully realised what a mission it is to do simple things without one! I got up this morning (a little later than imagined) thinking I would go to the gym (the hostel I’m temporarily staying at has one), but then I figured I had to sort this grocery thing out for the week, as the free shuttle to the supermarket only goes on the hour, and I have other stuff I need to do (clothes horse shopping anyone?!). So I made it there, and whilst most items were the same at home, there were a few, new exciting things to try. Namely the Wholemeal Pita Pockets (194 calories a pop) which I intend on being the base for my lunches. As I don’t really have a proper kitchen here I bought salad, microwave rice, some canned chicken, and a microwave tortellini for dinners. Plus lots of fruit and a couple of snacks.

As most of my twitter followers may know I’m pretty sushi obsessed as I will probably have this a lot too.

Anyway I have to meet a friend shortly, so will be back later… hopefully updating this more often.

By the way the weight loss is still going well, will do a blog on that later on…

Till later, Kate 🙂


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