It’s finally the weekend

Been a bit MIA in the last few days, apologises (not that anyone cares?! Except my conscience! I want to make these blogs regular).

No particular topic post today, but I have been feeling really great health and fitness wise this week… not only am I sticking to my calorie intake (and it’s been easy, not a struggle), but I lost (since last weight myself 2 weeks previous), 3 kgs (6ish pounds). The reason I hadn’t weighed myself in that long –I usually try at least every couple of days, is that it was my, ahem, time of the month, and also it was a big social weekend last week, and I was a bit nervous about my possible weight results.

Come yesterday morning, I weighed myself, and was simply ecstatic with the scale! Now I know, numbers don’t always matter and I shouldn’t judge myself by the scale (see Operation Beautiful), but when you’ve been at a plateau for a few months, it just feels so damn good! I finally feel like I’ve made the “click”. I’ve been doing everything right for the last few months (exercising regularly, counting calories) but psychologically I wasn’t fully there. During the plateau period I hadn’t been eating lots, at all, but occasionally I’d go over my allowance with an extra organic bar, extra pita bread, or even just a couple of extra apples. I have learnt that in the weight loss phase, if you want to see results, numbers count! However, I do regress, that this is in my OWN circumstances. If something else has, or is working for you, more power to you. But it’s fantastic to finally get it working for me again. Big Yay!

Anyway, this post is rather short as I’m going out with my sister to a movie soon (a trend, we did this last Friday too!), but I have to mention the fantastic podcast I have been listening to while working out lately. Firstly I must mention I love podcasts in every shape and form, and LOVE working out to them. Sometimes when music won’t cut it, I love listening to people talk, takes my mind off the mindnumbing occasional pain. If you’re familiar with MizFit or DietGirl, you may have heard of their new podcast “Two Fit Chicks and A Microphone”. It’s fantastic. Shauna (DietGirl) noted that there was a podcast void since Jillian Michaels KFI show ended, hence the decision to attempt to fill it. They are doing a fabulous job at filling that big ol’ void by the way –the only complaint I have is that there’s not enough of them! A compliment I’m sure! Check the podcast out by going to the website in the above link, or search iTunes, keyword “Two Fit Chicks and A Microphone”

I don’t have time tonight but very soon I must do a full post on all my favourite podcasters as obviously this is an obsession of mine. I just love them. Perhaps one day I’ll have my own and you’ll all hear my crazy Kiwi accent!

If you’re currently losing weight, how’s it going?



5 responses to “It’s finally the weekend

  1. oooh or maybe soonER youll have a guest stint on OURS?

    maybe? 🙂

  2. oops didnt mean to post that yet.

    It’s fun when we try and coordinate all the different timezones as well.

    Thanks for the love…

    Miz, who is rereading her comment and thinking her tired brain didnt make it clear the MAYBE is youll think about it —not that maybe we will HAVE YOU 🙂

  3. Making it “click” is such a great feeling – I am so glad you’ve got it! Keep that momentum and just know that you are not alone! Awesome job 😀

  4. You might be surprised just how many people are reading your blog. Most never leave a comment. If you really want to know how many of us “lurkers” are coming to your site you might want to add a site counter. But please continue with the blog, love reading about your weight loss journey!

    Check this out if you want a counter:

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