My Exercise Routine

Yay, it’s a short week in the city I live so bring on the long weekend! If there’s anyone reading this from the Northern Hemisphere, it’s currently Thursday evening here in New Zealand (just in case you forgot! I’m not calling you guys ignorant!)…

I actually just got back from seeing “My Sister’s Keeper”, which, in one word was draining. Great, amazing, beautiful  – but very draining. Worth seeing, that’s for sure, if you’re not afraid of tears! My Uncle actually passed away from a long battle of cancer last Thursday, so during the film I was not only following the story, but reflecting on his death also. Without giving too much away from the book/movie, the main message of the film was very therapeutic in any case. When are tears not therapeutic anyway!?

Tonight, I thought I would discuss my current exercise regime. I work out most days of the week, missing usually just one day, or two if I’m really sore. This week I am really sore because of the Step Active class that I took Tuesday, so have missed two days which is extremely rare for me, but it’s so important to listen to your body. If you’re too sore, you’re too sore. Full stop! On days I don’t get to the gym I will make sure to have a “lower calorie day”. Note lower calorie, not low calorie. As mentioned in my first post, I base my calories around 1400, so for days I can’t get to the gym, I’ll aim to keep my calories around 1200-1300 if possible.

Because I’m in the process of losing weight, I’m working out at a high intensity (whenever possible at over 80% of my heart rate). To get my heart rate up this high I do lots of cardio and circuit training. I recently joined Jillian Michaels website, and printed off all her circuit training routines. The current programme I’m doing has 5 circuits for one session, with about 5 exercises per circuit. The first day I tried the circuits I was totally exhausted! Her routines move from cardio based exercises (for example, mountain climbers), to resistance exercises (for example, side lunges with weights). The great thing about circuit training is you’re working your muscles, which help you burn fat, as well as getting a high overall calorie burn from all that cardio. Greatness is Jillian Michaels. I heart her big time!

At the moment I’m doing these circuit training sessions about 3 times a week. The downside is they’re quite time consuming to learn and get right –I don’t quite know the exercises well enough to power through them fast enough yet. On other days I’ll fit in an hour to 90 minutes of cardio. I do various cardio –Spin Class (I love!), general gym cardio (bikes, cross trainer, treadmill, stepper), or running outside. Anything to get the heart rate up, and as seen from my previous post I’m always looking for ways to try out different types of classes/cardio.

Some may call me crazy, but if I have time on a Saturday or Sunday (I usually do), and if I’m up to it, I’ll put a good movie/TV Show (Hello, Gossip Girl!) on my Ipod Touch, and hang at the gym doing cardio for a good 1.5 hour – 2 hours. It may be a slower cardio burn, but damn it’s good.

I went through a stage of doing Power Yoga, which I still occasionally do. I did an entire course and LOVED it. I’m naturally quite flexible, so I really enjoyed the challenge of pushing my body into various positions. However, when I was doing Yoga I was smaller, and feel that once I’ve lost more weight, I’ll incorporate this into my workouts again. Right now I feel like my body needs, and craves the gym more.

So now in general you know my exercise habits. As mentioned previously I just bought a step so I can’t wait to incorporate this into my at home workouts (I actually purchased “Kim Kardashian – Fit In Your Jeans By Friday Collection” recently –embarrassingly enough –will let you know how it goes ;)).

I would love to know your routines… what does everyone else do for exercise in a regular week? Also be sure to mention if you’re in a weight loss or maintenance mode.


2 responses to “My Exercise Routine

  1. I love circuit training too because it never gets boring 🙂
    I have been actually trying to incorporate more yoga into my routine because I am NOT flexible and I need to get more flexible to avoid injury. Supposedly people lose weight from yoga, but I don’t know- I don’t tend to lose weight from any exercise so I’m not the one to ask.

    • Lucky people lose weight from Yoga! Although I did find when I was lighter and doing Power Yoga, it was a great extra for my exercise routine and I burnt a lot of calories. But I just need good ol’ cardio for now!

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