1# New Experiences: Step Class

I love how some bloggers have posts they do regularly like “Things I Should Do More Often” etc.

My creative idea along these lines is New Experiences:

A few evenings ago I tried something new… Step Class.

 Photo care of www.wellnesscomplex.com

To me, those two words have always sent shivers down my spine –whilst I feel I’m relatively coordinated, I’ve never been a great dancer (except for partying-dancing hehe), and have stayed away from classes like Step.

However, at my gym they recently introduced a new version of Step –Step Active. The class is advertised as a Step class for those sceptical of the rigours of “regular” Step Class. The emphasis is on moving and having fun, as opposed to learning complicated moves.

One thing I would advise others to do when taking a new class that you may be unsure about, is to go to the class 5-10 minutes early and introduce yourself to the instructor. The other evening I did this, and it helped me throughout the class in various ways. Firstly, I felt more comfortable. Others could clearly tell I was new, so there was no expectation on me to excel in the class. Secondly the instructor paid special attention to me to help me pick up the moves. Whilst this wasn’t made embarrassingly obvious, the instructor probably went through moves a few more times than she would have with her regulars, and led up to the bigger sequences a bit slower.

My heart rate was at a 84% average burn also according to my ever faithful Polar Heart Rate Monitor! Which is hard to get just jogging on the treadmill, or gliding on the cross trainer.

Overall I loved it –I have even purchased a Step so I can practise the moves! Actually I have had my eye on one for a while –great also for at home workouts (tricep dips, chest press, flyes etc)!

Has anyone else tried a new class lately? Were you nervous? How was the experience?


2 responses to “1# New Experiences: Step Class

  1. ok, it might not be witty but its a comment! good on you for doing the class at the gym – i am actually too chicken to do one! i know it would be so beneficial for me, but its the scary factor that’s holding me back. after reading your blog, maybe i could give it a shot doing it how you did it … 🙂

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